4 Ways to BIM Better


Everyone should learn to code. Or should they? In the architecture world, that translates into learning programs like Dynamo. It's the open source coding language, developed by Autodesk, which runs on top of Revit (in the same way Grasshopper works with Rhino). Use it to design the skin of your building... or just line up all the views on your sheet.

If the terms computational geometry and rule-based design excite you, Dynamo has an excellent Primer for getting started



Collaboration for Revit, or C4R, is the new offering from Autodesk which basically acts as Revit Server in the Cloud. No longer bound by internal company networks or location, a project team can now collaborate on Revit models with partner firms and consultants, without ever havingto exchange files. You can even use the Wi-Fi at Starbucks to work on your model. Bonus features include a built-in chat function, to keep everyone on the same page. (RNL is currently testing this add-on service with an out-of-state partner design firm.)



Autodesk this week announced Stingray, a real-time virtual reality tool that interfaces with Revit and 3ds Max. That's right - take your model from Revit into a live, rendered, game-like environment and have your client walk through it on an iPhone or favorite VR interface (Oculus Rift, anyone?). Make a change to the model in 3ds Max and have it show up in Stingray automatically. Just don't bump your shin on the coffee table while you're exploring your virtual design.

Image Credit:  In The Fold

Image Credit: In The Fold

Image Credit:  In The Fold

Image Credit: In The Fold



Revizto, the cross-platform 3D model review app, has changed their licensing model, making the base version of their product free! Revizto allows one to export a Revit or SketchUp model and fly through it on an iPad or Android tablet, or on a Windows PC or Mac. I'm looking for someone to test it out. If you're interested, e-mail autodesksupport@rnldesign.com.

Image Credit:  Revizto

Image Credit: Revizto

Header Image: Dynamo