VIDEO: World's Most Sustainable Building!

That’s quite a claim. The 3min video below is more useful than the actual article, and is worth a look for three reasons:

  1. The description of the occupant-enabled, app-based control strategies, as an indication of where BAS is headed (in addition to the usual suspects such as ground source loop, 6,000 LED fixtures, glazing tuned by orientation).
  2. This awesome sound byte: “The app also enables them to view and monitor their sustainable behavior. One can always work greener.
  3. The highly artistic animation of airflow in the atrium. We have come a long way from the 2D building sections with thick red and blue arrows.

And…let’s all take a moment to remember that just covering every square inch/ square centimeter of a building façade does not make it ‘sustainable’. Even if they produce enough electricity to power all smartphones, laptops, and electric cars (which is admittedly pretty cool).