Sustainable Apparel Brands

For those of you who would like to reduce your personal foot print even more…

The average American throws away 68 lbs of clothing every year, yet 99% of used clothing is recyclable. It takes 700 gallons of water to produce one cotton t-shirt, the same amount of water the average person uses per day including household uses like dish washing and laundry. A whole day’s worth of water, for one t-shirt.  We all have some clothing items that should never see the light of day again for various reasons, whether we accept to believe it or not, but there will always be some thrift store shopper who can rock any retro fashion mistakes. Reuse is one thing, but smarter purchasing is another. So next time you need feel the need to go shopping for clothes that aren’t covered by Patagonia’s catalogue, consider a brand that is committed to sustainable materials and practices:

7 Sustainable Apparel Brands

Image Courtesy of Victor Athletics