Biophilia of the Week

A mountain top museum that commemorates the evolution of modern mountaineering.

Photo Credit: Werner Huthmacher

Photo Credit: Werner Huthmacher

Typically, you wouldn't scale a mountain because of a building at the top, but this cast in-situ museum in South Tyrol is calling.

A hotel in the modern Singapore skyline that looks to fulfill its civic duty.

Photo Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall

Photo Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall

Singapore-based WOHA Architects have long been advocates of the ultimate ‘green city’ – one that would be comprised of more vegetation than if it were left as wilderness – and the PARKROYAL on Pickering was designed as a hotel-as-garden that actually doubled the green-growing potential of its site. - WOHA

A Vietnam day spa lush with hanging gardens and pools of water.

Photo Credit:  Hiroyuki Oki

Photo Credit: Hiroyuki Oki

Yes, it's a spa, but it could be the DMV and I would still feel serenity-now in this building.

Source: Dezeen

A rainbow pathway cheers up a gloomy Monday commute in London.

Photo Credit:  Spark Your City

Photo Credit: Spark Your City

So, this is stretching the definition of 'in-direct connection to nature' a bit, but it does look somewhat like a rainbow. During the rainy, gloomy week we have had in Denver I think this would have made an awesome addition to our plaza outside the Denver office.

Source: Inhabitat