60 Years of Sustainability

This year marks 60 years in business for RNL. After nearly a lifetime of design solutions, our benchmark birthday is the perfect time for a little self-reflection.

At RNL, sustainability is a key part of our identity. We believe true sustainability is about more than just the materials and energy consumed; it’s also about the wellbeing of the people who use a space and how that space contributes to the fabric of the surrounding community. ‘Design to Thrive’ is more than just a slogan at RNL; it’s our entire design philosophy.

Two recent projects that really exemplify that philosophy are the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)’s Division 13 Bus Operations & Maintenance Facility in Los Angeles and the new Denver Water Operations Complex. Here’s a little more about what makes them so special:

LA Metro’s Division 13 Bus Operations & Maintenance Facility

It's not often people sit up and take notice at the design of a bus maintenance and operations facility, but that's just what is happening with the RNL-designed Division 13 facility for Metro in Los Angeles.

The three-level facility's sustainable design features include a green roof, solar panels and a clever cistern system that captures 30,000 gallons of water a week that the local jail was previously flushing from its sprinkler system into the storm drains.

Read more about Division 13 here.

Denver Water

Right now, we're working with Denver Water to incorporate the One Water strategy into their new Operations Complex Redevelopment project. The aim of this quintessential sustainability strategy is to provide a reliable and replicable model for environmental stewardship.

Read more about Denver Water here.

 From landscape design to lighting, urban planning to architecture, our team understands and deeply respects the role we have in shaping the built environment. Our definition of sustainability has come a long way in 60 years, and we look forward to its evolution in the next 60.