“Every day, we are making the world more dangerous than it was yesterday.”

How’s that for a lead in?

Recently, a number of our team members of our team got together for a screening of "Time to Choose", a film by Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Charles Ferguson.

Through the film, Ferguson explores the comprehensive scope of the climate change crisis and examines the power of solutions already available. Through interviews with world-renowned entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and individuals living on the front lines of climate change, Ferguson takes an in-depth look at the remarkable people working to save our planet. The film covers impacts ranging from the obvious (coal and electricity, oil and cars) to those we don’t normally connect to everyday life (baby orangutans and the horrors of palm oil).

If you are in any way complacent about the path of the world, your world, towards crisis, in my opinion, you need to watch this movie.

The energy our planet needs is defined by how we live, not by the energy itself. It’s not just about electric cars, it’s about using cars less. - Peter Calthorpe

The message was loud and clear: Each one of us, in a million different ways, contributes to climate change, whether through our jobs, our commute, or the fact we bought a package of cookies; and each one of us has the ability and responsibility to take a stance.

The cinematography was stunningly powerful, the interviews impactful. As expected, the dialogue in the room was passionate and led to many conversations (and email chains) around the office.

The title should really be "Time to Do Something" because after watching this documentary, you realize the only choice is action.

“Life is about creativity, so what type of planet do we want to create?” - Jamie Lerner, the phenomenal ex-mayor of Curitiba

Here's the website for the film, if you want to learn more: www.timetochoose.com.