Design2Thrive Downtown Denver

Our team in Denver recently came together for a lively presentation (with the added bonus of a happy hour) on the Mile High City, and specifically on the booming Downtown Denver area. The statistics on everything you wanted to know about Downtown Denver’s growth were staggering - from the number of off-street parking spaces (42,000) and B Cycle stations (34) to how many people are employed by start-ups (4,359).

However it was the conversation during the presentation that really made the event, particularly around the future of retail, and transformation of parking in the greater downtown area. With Downtown Denver’s growth rate reaching 12.6 percent (compared to the national average of 3.7 percent) these conversations are only going to increase in importance.

What does the number of start-ups or grocery stores in a city have to do with architecture? Three words: It’s all connected.

As a multi-disciplinary firm, our planners and designers need to have our finger on the pulse of the trends and forces shaping our downtown both socially and economically. We need to have a strong understanding of the present situation and the ability to anticipate the future uses of spaces and places.

From grocery stores to generational shifts, B Cycle locations to buildings, it’s all connected.