Healthy Materials: From the Office to the Home

Want to be creeped out just in time for Halloween? How’s this: Turns out that buildings - and specifically our homes - are the most toxic places we spend time in. Yikes.

As part of RNL’s Design2Thrive series this fall, we brought in leading expert in healthy materials Annette Stelmack for an in-depth and, frankly, terrifying account of the dangers of many commonly used building products.

Don’t poison people; tell the truth and let them know. Don’t tell me it’s impossible to make a safe, healthy interior. Instead tell me you weren’t able to do it because you aren’t able to find materials and products to create a healthy space.
— William McDonough, excerpt from Sustainable Residential Interiors by Annette Stelmack, Associates III, Kari Foster, Debbie Hindman

The building industry has a long way to go in terms of addressing not just yet-to-be-proven threats, but even known carcinogens in the products, finishes and furnishings we specify on a daily basis.

RNL is committed to becoming better informed in the realm of healthy materials so that we can incite change where it is needed, and this presentation was a fundamental part of that education process.

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