The Link Between Sustainability & Inclusion

RNL has joined the B Corp Inclusion Challenge, an effort aimed at increasing diversity and inclusion among the global B Corp movement.

Yes, we are a competitive bunch, and are generally game to join any ‘challenge’ thrown at us. But this one was different. As soon as we heard about the Inclusion Challenge, we knew we had to join it, and we had to jump in with two feet

Why? Because the Inclusion Challenge speaks to the very core of our values as designers, as professionals who have a significant impact on communities, and as people. As designers, we at RNL believe strongly that our responsibility to create sustainable spaces and places is more urgent and vital now than ever before.

And at its core, sustainability is an exercise in empathy – in putting ourselves in the shoes of everyone and everything that will be or could be impacted by our work in the built environment.

Sustainability requires inclusion.

So we pay attention to things like the material ingredients in the carpet, the amount of daylight in the spaces and the impact of a design decision on how people will interact in a space, because we care about the wellbeing and happiness of the people in the spaces we design.

We encourage our clients to set net zero energy goals because we care about the long-term health and vitality of communities.

We fight for bike lanes and design safer streets because we believe the ability to safely walk or bike somewhere is a human right.

We ask communities what they need to feel safe and valued, because great placemaking starts with the personal.  

Taking that idea of inclusion to the next level was a natural next step for RNL. The same values that have made us a leader in sustainable design, health and wellbeing, and placemaking will guide us as we do a deep dive into issues of diversity and inclusion not only in our own company but in our profession. From the experience at our first in-house BInclusive meeting, we acknowledge these conversations won’t be easy. But we all agree they are important and worthwhile.

We hope you’ll stay tuned for more updates from our journey.