Better Together

RNL is now part of Stantec. As we enter a new era for our company we have been thinking a lot about what this merger will mean for our work. Specifically, the tremendous impact we’ll be able to have as we combine our skills and resources with those of the greater Stantec community.

RNL’s design approach has been driven by decades of innovation in the areas of sustainability, resilience, health, and wellbeing – we literally wrote a book on it.

In 2010, RNL published ‘Design For One Earth’, a call to action internally and to the broader A&E community to consider the simple, yet crucial question: What would it take to live within the natural resource capacity of one earth?

Comprising 12 guiding principles ranging from topics such as carbon and water to beauty and prosperity, Design for One Earth became RNL’s framework for applying sustainability best practices into every project, no matter the scale or goals.

Since that time, the nature and meaning of sustainable design have evolved and our work has evolved with it. We’ve designed some of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world (including the National Renewable Energy Lab Research Support Facility with Stantec), and we’ve seen key trends emerge that have influenced our approach to design that is good for people, our planet and business.

Embarking on this new chapter, I’m excited about the possibilities. I think of what one of Dr. Suess’s best characters, The Lorax, said about the environment: ‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.’

Each of us here at RNL cares at a personal level, which is why are here. One look at our portfolio shows that, collectively, we care a whole awful lot too. And that message is about to get stronger, louder and more important than ever before.

Stantec shares, among other things, an approach to designing with the needs of the community in mind. We are now a part of a much bigger company, but one that shares our values and has deep expertise in sustainable, resilient design. We are excited about the potential for our field of influence to be exponentially broader. Through our design work, and through our collaboration with our new team members, our shared perspective will help us reach better solutions for our clients.

Our goal now is to aim higher, and strive for a future that is brighter, stronger, and more resilient. And we believe that as part of the Stantec family, we will be able to do that.