Expanding Our Impact

We love Bike to Work Day at RNL. This year, our team wanted to make an impact beyond celebrating something many of us do every day anyway. So we decided to partner with Bikes Together for a bicycle drive in our Denver office.

RNL's Rachel Bannon-Godfrey, Jordan Block and Danielle Cacioppo

RNL's Rachel Bannon-Godfrey, Jordan Block and Danielle Cacioppo

It all started several months ago, when our team hosted a Project Pipeline workshop for a group of 12 middle school students from Denver Public Schools, along with their Denver Kids mentors. Together, we explored the idea that they can each be a voice for change in their own communities by starting to think about the spaces and places in their neighborhoods, and how they are influenced by design.

While the students were designing their make-believe neighborhoods, we talked about including bike lanes. When we asked who in the room had bikes, only a few hands went up. We often talk about personal mobility being a human right, but other than walking, every other mobility option involves money that some families simply don’t have.

We saw an opportunity to help.

Staff in our Denver office collected bicycles of all sizes to donate to Bikes Together. Next year, we’d love to expand the program and involve our clients and partners. In the meantime, if you’d like to make a donation or learn more, check out the Bikes Together website.

Thank you to everyone who participated!