The Importance of Listening to Your Community

When we set out to design Foothill Transit’s new 3-acre Covina Transit Center and Park and Ride, our goal was to create more than just a functional, modern transit hub; we wanted to create something the community would enjoy and find value in for years to come.

In any large-scale project, but particularly in civic, infrastructure and transportation projects that involve a significant public component, getting the support, input and buy-in of the neighborhood is an essential step in our design process.

The key for this project was to find the right balance between meeting the goals of the clients (a public/private partnership between Foothill Transit, the City of Covina and MLC Holdings) and addressing the concerns of the neighborhood.

Foothill Covina Transit Center

We worked closely with the City’s public outreach consultant, who hosted open forums where project stakeholders could engage in a meaningful dialogue with community members. We wanted this project to be as much theirs as the City’s. From this, we heard concerns around privacy, traffic, noise, and vagrancy – concerns we had to meaningfully address through the design.

After going through a number of iterations of the parking structure and the landscape to ease the concerns of the neighbors, we landed on our final design. The result reflects a unified space that bridges the gap between the neighborhood, the planned residential development, and the City’s future civic development.

Foothill Covina

The transit center and park and ride development includes four distinct, but cohesive components, including a 372-stall, three-level parking structure, six-bus bay transit center, a 4,400-square-foot retail building and a public plaza design to connect to the future civic component and act as the uniting element between the three separate, but integrated, projects.

The final design is both efficient and attractive, intended to serve commuters and the community alike, with connective pathways, a public plaza located between the retail building, and parking structure and a transit plaza with bus bays and transit shelters. We look forward to seeing the design come to fruition. We hope it will be a point of pride for the Covina community for generations.